Stand up to the Religious Extremists,
the Bigots and Haters

Learn How to Practice Successful Interfaith Dialogue

Nothing is more powerful against the causes and symptoms of religious extremism than interfaith dialogue.

People talk about making peace between the religions. Now here’s a book that shows you step-by-step how to engage people of other faiths in dialogue, and how to undertake projects -- in your community.

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What the World Needs to Know about Interfaith Dialogue
What the World Needs to Know about Interfaith Dialogue


Confound the Religious Extremists... Master Interfaith Dialogue Now

In a world where extremists use religion as a pretext for conflict, the antidote is
interfaith dialogue...

What the World Needs to Know about Interfaith Dialogue shows you how to counter those who use religion to divide. You'll come away with knowledge of the diplomatic tools required to start and conduct successful interfaith or inter-denominational dialogue. It will help you to build bridges of understanding, resolve conflicts, and identify problems before they develop.

Interfaith Dialogue for Everyone

What the World Needs to Know about Interfaith Dialogue covers a range of practical and philosophical issues supplemented by anecdotal information.

You'll be shown step by step:

  1. How to overcome differences in theology and belief
  2. How to make interfaith meetings run smoothly
  3. How to temporarily suspend your heartfelt beliefs
  4. What "loaded" words to avoid
  5. How to defuse interfaith conflict
  6. How to distinguish a religion from a cult
  7. The "seven types of interfaith dialogue participants"-- and
  8. How to deal with explosive political issues

This Is a Recipe Book for Interfaith Harmony

There are some books written about dialogue from ivory tower thinkers who don't participate in dialogue – and other written from a single-faith point of view.

This book is different.

It's tried and tested in real down-to-earth interfaith dialogue. Richard M. Landau wrote the book because there is no other book that explains the how-to's of interfaith dialogue.

What the World Needs to Know about Interfaith Dialogue proposes an exclusive technique: the 'willing suspension of belief'. It works. So, for example, if a devout Jew is meeting with a pious Muslim, the technique shows how you build genuine bridges of understanding and unity between them.

Traditionally interfaith dialogue groups have been hard to set up, difficult to sustain, and dogged by religious and personality conflicts. Frequently they do little more than spend hundreds of hours simply talking. But your group can accomplish much, much more -- if you follow the basic ground rules outlined in What the World Needs to Know about Interfaith Dialogue.

The Only Lasting Way To Beat Religious Bigots And Extremists Is Through Dialogue

Nothing defeats extremism like thoughtful and kind dialogue that recognizes that we have our differences – so then, how are we going to get along?

What the World Needs to Know about Interfaith Dialogue... is a critical tool to help you work in harmony with people of other faiths.

It's an entertaining, fast-paced reference text supplemented with additional useful anecdotal information. It touches on virtually every situation and challenge you'll encounter in interfaith dialogue. Over 70,000-words, it's an exhaustive sourcebook and a manual of diplomacy and tact.

Tough Challenges

  • How to put aside your biases and start the dialogue
  • How to avoid an argument with a literalist OR a liberal
  • Why some faith groups don't seem to get along... & how to change that
  • How to keep political causes from railroading your agenda
  • An exclusive 13-point set of rules that ensure smooth meetings
  • How to select a suitable task or project for your interfaith group to get beyond talking
  • The 5 criteria that define what is legitimate religious expression
  • PLUS... The Trends that will jolt interfaith and faith groups during the next 25 years

Avoid the Biggest Interfaith Dialogue Mistakes

What the World Needs to Know about Interfaith Dialogue will teach you how to --

  • Establish criteria that let you exclude extremists without sideswiping faiths in good standing
  • Get beyond the talk-talk-talk cycle of interfaith dialogue
  • Avoid unintentionally favoring one faith group over others
  • Make sure you aren’t assuming everyone has the "same" social or political agenda
  • Deal with two faith communities that will not participate...unless the other is rejected?
  • Respond when genuine undesirables --like a "Church" that believes in racial supremacy -- want to join your group?
  • Get your executive or members to work with each other
  • Keep hard-liners and liberals involved and engaged, at the same time


Stand up to the religious extremists and create harmony in your community
Start practicing successful dialogue right away

eBook Reviews

We tried what you recommended and our group is going from strength to strength.

RYT, Albany, NY, USA

This ebook should be required reading for everyone in my religious community.

EF, Netherlands

Wow! This book has everything in it. I’ve just begun a dialogue with a Muslim. Your book gave me the confidence to do it.

SC, New Orleans, LA, USA

We’ve ordered copies of your book for everyone on our interfaith steering committee. It is absolutely essential. Thanks for the headstart!

MT, Raleigh, NC, USA

Because of 9/11 our church has decided to participate in dialogue. Your ebook has helped us tremendously.


Where has this book been all my life! Every chapter contributed to my understanding of what it means to work with others in harmony. . . . it’s an excellent value.

GDD, Geneva, Switzerland

About The Author

Richard M. Landau

For over 35 years Richard M. Landau, chaired and participated in interfaith dialogue groups throughout North America. He works with all of the world religions every day -- and he has studied their holy texts and histories.

As Executive Producer of a dozen faith-related TV series and host of a multiple award-winning weekly interfaith TV program, Landau earned over 40 awards for programs that bring together all of the world religions. Over the years, Landau has assisted in the resolution of inter-religious conflicts and has been a widely quoted authority.

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